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Top 8 in 2018

kristi hayesComment


One of my favorite things to do each year, is to look back and learn from the past and sit in gratefulness for what has happened. 

We want to share with each of you who have made our 2018 memorable. 

HERE'S OUR TOP 8 in 2018!

1. We started Be Strong Story families who served different organizations each month. We have worked with special needs, those in poverty, and the veterans home this year. 

Be Strong Story-3.jpg

2. Be strong message was shared on 9 podcasts. Reaching tens of thousands of new listeners. 

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3. We were able to hire someone from Sox Place Homeless day shelter to do all of our order and fulfillment, we also made Sox Place Screen Printing our exclusive screen print partner. 

IMG_2415 3.jpg

4. We were able to donate a portion of our profits to a women’s care center, refugees in Lebanon, a homeless day shelter, and hosted a Mother’s Day brunch for single teen moms. 


5. Featured blog posts on Today Parents and featured post on Today Show website, reaching over 300,000 people. 

6. Exceeded last years orders, almost doubled our website traffic. All 50 states have visited our website as well as 25+countries. 

7. Came out with kindness guide booklet for families. (which you can get here)

IMG_8739 2.jpg

8. Partnered with other companies to help employ survivors of sex trafficking


We could not be more grateful for you and all your support. We could not have done one of these things without you!