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The glorious moments that go uncelebrated

kristi hayesComment
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I posted this picture on social media today and most will scroll right by this picture, or even wonder why it’s on our feed, cause it’s not professional or that impressive. And that’s ok, I would do the same thing. 

The pictures before this on our feed were the ones below, when I was NYC with Ryan the star of New Amsterdam, Hoda at the Today Show, and me visiting the Oprah Magazine offices. These are the pictures that garner the likes and praises, because it feels glamorous and like I am getting some real important stuff done. And I did and it was awesome. And I am so so grateful for the opportunity.


HOWEVER, I want to remind all of you in the trenches that could take  pictures just like the one of me and the kids in carpool, every single day.

The picture with tired mom eyes from waking up early to rub her kiddos backs as the early morning light shines through the window, the moments right before when we were cramming on shoes and sticking snacks in backbacks and leaving dirty plates of half-eaten breakfast on the table. The daily grind we all do. The kisses, and affirmations, and fist bumps, and words that come out of our mouth that will hopefully inspire our kids to be their best selves that day.

These are the glorious moments, these are the non-celebrated ones, the ones we keep to ourselves because they don’t seem that special. It’s easier to share the ones that look impressive because we are with important people BUT, I am actually with the most important people in the world, in the back seat, with most likely unbrushed teeth and mismatched socks.

But these are the ones we should post and we should celebrate. 

These are the sacred moments,  definitely not the glamorous ones, but the ones that will matter. 

The ones that are spectacular

The ones that are magical. 

The tiny little moments we do every single day to love our family well, to show up, to help in whatever way we can.

These are the moments….

So I just want to say:

I see you mamas and daddies rushing in the morning, trying to get yourself ready for work while you also get your kiddos to school before that second bell. 

I see you mamas and daddies who have been up all night with a sick kid or new baby, and still have the energy, (from who knows where,) to snuggle your kid and play on the floor with legos all day when you just want a nap. 

I see you rushing home from a big day, just to pull into carpool 5 minutes late, or to kiss your kids before they fall asleep.

Just a reminder to myself mostly, but maybe to one of you,  Hoda is awesome, NYC is awesome, but these are the glorious moments. 

These are the sacred ones. 

These are the worthiest of all. 

Thank you to each and everyone of you who do the moments that seem unimportant, unimpressive, uncelebrated EVERY SINGLE DAY! 

They impress the socks off of me.