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Speaking over our kids

kristi hayesComment

I remember when I played basketball, there was a certain game that I remember very well. It was an important game, a district game, which means the more you win, the better chances you have going to state championship. We were up 1 point with 10 seconds left. 

All I had to do was take care of the ball and we WON.

But that didn’t happen!

Instead I lost the ball, dribbled it off my leg or foot or something, I just know it was no longer in my hands!

I remember feeling it leave my hand, it was like everything was in slow motion, my face was saying, “WHAT…. JUST…. HAPPENED…..OH….NO….. I……JUST ……..LOST……..THE…….GAME?”

And as I sat there dumbfounded the other team had already stolen the ball and scored a lay-up to WIN the game.

I was humiliated and I remember staying in the locker room A VERY LONG time, because I wanted everyone to be gone when I got out. But guess who was still dad.

After finally emerging all splotchy face, my eyes red from crying. I went up to my dad and he said, "why are you crying baby girl?' ⁠

Were you even at the game I wanted to say? Did you not see me lose the game for my team?⁠

⁠He, in his southern drawl said, "Baby, you didn't lose the game, the floor was uneven all night and it LOST THE GAME for you. When you dribbled the floor made it bounce crazy...."

⁠I laugh so hard at this, and even then I knew he was full of it!   I am not saying lie to your kids and tell them they are AWESOME all the time when they most certainly are NOT!  I am the first one to tell a coach to TELL the truth to my kids if they are sucking it up, but I also understand the power of a parent’s words.

This is just one small story of many that helped me know my dad believed in me and thought I could do anything. He had a long history of speaking life into me.

He spoke words of who I was, and he truly believed it. ⁠

⁠Our words have true power for our kids’ hearts. The words we say to them daily mean something. ⁠

⁠I don't say the right words every day to my kids, I fuss, and raise my voice sometimes, we have mornings that I regret and rewind all day in my head. But I also try to make it a point to say, “ I am sorry” when this happen, and ask for their forgiveness. I am not perfect but I am trying. And my heart is always for them.

⁠I make it a point to say things over them in the morning when they are cuddled up with me in the chair of who I know them to be, and what I believe they can be in this world. I don't lie to them or give them false dreams, but I speak truth of worth, love, and strength over them. ⁠

⁠We aren't always going to get it right, most likely NEVER, but we can do small little things, like speak over our kids outloud WHO they are so they know it in the depths of their hearts when they got out into this very big world.