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SHARE YOUR GIFTS so others can be inspired! (The story of how a friend inspired us to set ourselves up for health success)

kristi hayesComment

If I could sit with you in a cafe and drink my favorite cappuccino , (we would have to be in Paris of course),one of the things I would say to you is SHARE your gifts with the world.

No matter if you think they are big or small, or non-existent, or don't matter. EVERY person has gifts, talents, and every person is meant to share those with another!

⁠Here is what happens when we share our gifts- it inspires others, it gives them ideas, it starts to spur on their gifts and talents. Our gifts aren't the same, and no talent is better than another, just different.

Last week I was inspired by a friend who eats healthy and sets herself up each week by organizing her pantry and refrigerator. Now she is so organized and her pantry is so beautiful that I could walk in her house and think,  “I could never be that organized, my house isn’t this big and pretty.” Instead of being inspired, I could compare, which we know ultimately destroys any inspiration to be had. 

But here is what we can do instead. I see how she does it, and I make it my own.

In truth, I will never be as organized, and my house will never be this neat. I am not an organized person by nature. So instead of looking at what she has, and saying, “I will never have it like that”, I look at what she has, and say, ”Wow, that’s inspiring”,  and it will set me up for success, and I think of how I can do it my own. 

So I came home and I ordered a set of clear containers where I can put all my veggies, fruits, all prepared for the week. I involve my kids in the process. They clean and chop everything. They love chopping and finding the containers to put them in. (Thank goodness they love organizing). I clean out my fridge and make room for just the clear containers. I boil eggs for the week so we can have healthy snacks. We clean out the pantry and make  each shelf a section, so we can have easy access to healthy snacks instead of having to dig around and finding something not as optimal. 

I find that when my kids can SEE and just pull out the snacks in the fridge they do. We almost always go through one pound of strawberries in a day instead of their getting moldy at the bottom of the fridge out of sight. 


I have now done this for the past month.  It has inspired us to eat healthy because we can see all of our foods and since  they are already washed and prepped all we have to do is grab. I feel good because I am eating healthier and I also feel like I am crushing it in the “mom” department because my kids are also choosing to eat healthy. They also love to eat what they have prepped. 


And here is how sharing your gifts with others has a ripple effect. That next week I had a friend come stay with us for the weekend.  She saw our new fridge organized and decided to go home and do the same to hers -setting herself up for success. 

SHARE your gifts. If you are an incredible organizer, share it with others.  Don’t be afraid to share your tips and tricks. I guarantee people like me, to whom it doesn’t come naturally, need it. If you are good at cooking, drawing, pep talks, business, writing, parenting, etc. Share it. 

God set you up with these beautiful gifts and talents. SHARE THEM, SHINE THEM, so others can be inspired, so others can better themselves. Don’t hide them...don’t compare them to someone else’s. BE YOU! And when someone shares their gifts and it inspires you. TELL THEM!