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NYC Recap with Today Parents

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Last week I told you I was headed to NYC with Today Parents. I am a part of their parenting team and sometimes you get lucky and they ask you to do fun things.

Wow! It was such a fantastic time, I wanted to give you who followed along on the journey a little recap:

DAY 1:

We met other Today Parents contributors and screened the second season of the show New Amsterdam. If you haven't been watching this show, go turn it on RIGHT NOW!It is a true story about a fledgling hospital that gets a new Head of Medicine who wants to heal people's bodies and hearts.

Last year I watched the show and was so impacted by a single question the main character always said: "HOW CAN I HELP?"
That I wrote a blog post about it.

When the main character, Ryan Eggold, was interviewed on stage, the Today Parents editor surprised me by reading this blog to him. I couldn't believe it. He was such a sweet soul.


That afternoon I was able to meet Nadia Lopez, who started Mott Hall Bridges Public school for underesourced and underprivileged middle school children. She was featured in a piece by Humans of New York and her story took off from there. The way she leads her school and teaches her kids they can be MORE, is incredible. Here her Ted Talk here:

She was a true inspiration.


That night I got to meet up with friend and podcast guest Liz Bohannon who was in NYC for a press tour for her new book Beginner's Pluck. If you haven't read this book, you will love it. It is one of the best books on leadership I have read this year. You can also hear her recent podcast here.


Day 2:


I met Hoda at the Today Show taping, who by they way, is the NICEST, KINDEST soul ever. We gave her a tank as she is the epitome of loving others well.


I was so lucky to meet with some people who are changing this world for good.
First up was Natalie Silverstein who just wrote the book Simple Acts: The Busy Families Guide to Giving Back. This book is like a guidebook for families who want to be intentional about loving others. And Natalie helps everyone do this in simple ways, and things you are probably already doing with your family. I highly recommend you purchase it for your family.


I also met with a podcast guest,Christine Mulhearne, who works for Oprah Magazine. She gave me some great goodies, and it's always fun to talk about all things Oprah.


NYC will always be my favorite! Thank you all for encouraging me to do crazy things, for supporting our family, and cheering us along the way. We couldn't do it without you!

Just a girl looking at her favorite city and dreaming of all the possibilities.

Just a girl looking at her favorite city and dreaming of all the possibilities.

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