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Making goals a family affair...

kristi hayesComment

Right now is about the time that you are thinking about making those New Year’s Resolutions or goals.

My favorite thing is to look back at what went well and why, and what are the things I am going to pour my heart into this year. Usually that means getting a planner, finding a quite couple of hours and writing down my word, and intentions for the year ahead.

Many of us do this process for ourselves individually but have you done this with your family?

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(Maybe not, because just the thought of getting everyone on the same page or having them pay attention for more than 5 minutes gives you anxiety sweats.) I get it. I guarantee there will be some fart jokes inserted in what mom wants to be super serious time.

But here is the beautiful thing, making goals, and mission for your family doesn’t have to be some long, drawn out, perfectly worded mission statement. You don’t need to have your mission in pretty calligraphy on shiplap like a Joanna Gaines house. (althoughΩ I do sort of love that idea) and you don’t have to make it so perfect you can’t all agree. Perfection is the sister of anxiety.(I just made that up, but it sounds about right.)

Asking your family what you want to be known for and creating some simple steps to live it out, can be both simple and powerful. Our mission for our family started from a lunchbox note it said:


It is something we want to live out in action. We would love to encourage your family to join in our mission or make your own. Here are some simple steps to create your own mission for your family.

Sit down with your family over a cup of cocoa or when you are having dinner.

  1. Ask each other, as a family what are some things we want to be known for? 

  2. What are some core values, words or phrases that your family identifies with?

(have each family member pick a word or phrase, and then everyone vote on the top 1-3). And if you want to have more, great, there are no set rules!

3. What does BE STRONG look like to a 9-year-old or to a 45-year-old? What does the PROTECTING THE WEAK look like at school, work, playground, neighborhood , downtown, or college? You fill in the blank.

4. What are some real actions you can take to LOVE EVERYONE in your daily life, but also as a family effort?

5. Plan out times when you will put LOVE in ACTION. Find a community group or organization you can volunteer with or serve once a month. Ask someone who knows more than you, and see if you can tag along. Always be looking with eyes wide open to others you can love.

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How amazing would it be if we had these group of families who knew their mission and lived it out together?

If you need a little help, here is a guide booklet we have made to guide you through this process. You can get it HERE (excerpts are above)

And a video we made last year to talk about how we did our core values.