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Helping our kids fail well.

kristi hayesComment

I’ve been reading about kids and failure, how it’s important for them to experience failure, especially when they are smaller, under our roof, so we can coach them through what it means to be persistent, to be disappointed, to be humiliated, to try again. 

As much as I love a good win, I truly do want my kids to fail hard, and figure out how to persevere even if it’s embarrassing, even if it’s painful so when they are adults they have already been here and know what to do. 

Carter Mae’s word for the year is PERSEVERANCE and this weekend at her first gymnastics meet we got a tiny glimpse of what this looks like in a 7 year old way. 

She was up for vault which is a pretty straightforward event and she loves a good power event BUT as you can see in the video the first vault did NOT go as planned, she completely missed the mat, I knew she was mortified, you could literally hear the gasps from the crowd. She is a mini me so I knew exactly what was happening in her head. I saw her big tears trying to sneak out her eyes, but her trying to suck them up as she walked back to try for her second attempt. You guys my heart was about to explode, she has about 30 seconds to regroup, and try again! She told me later she was so scared, but she knew she needed to try. She did, and she nailed it. 

To see your kid fail and try again with all their might is probably one of my favorite things in the world. I loved talking to her about this, watching her live out her word, in a SMALL way, but to her heart in a HUGE way, something that is building those TRY AGAIN muscles. 

She ended up winning the vault and it helped her tie for all around. Honestly that’s a great ending to the story, but I would have been just as proud if she would have just tried again and not nailed it, but just tried her hardest. 

Thank you Carter Mae for making me want to try again. As an entrepreneur I get the NO word in my face weekly, and many days I want to just sit on the couch and watch Netflix and not try, but you inspired me to get up and try try again this week.

I love that our kids are our greatest teachers.