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Parenthood is not a photoshoot.

kristi hayes1 Comment

This is how I want my kiddos to remember me. Fun, smothering them with hugs and kisses, present, and holding them close. 

This is a photo shoot picture. And although this is a great representation of my life with them, it is only a portion. 

Because parent life is not a photoshoot. Many days I am not present. More times than not when I am asked to play, I say one more minute, which ends up being 5 or 10 or 30! Because sometimes I just don't want to play!

When I say I am going to put my phone away and not answer it so I can be in the moment, more times than I like to admit I keep it close, and let the moments pass me by. Some days my hugs and kisses might be more forced than natural because I am tired, and grace has to be given in the midst of a bad choice that was made, and it may take a hot minute to give it. 

Parent life is not photo shoot pictures. It is hard and it isn't picture worthy at times. 

But there are these incredible moments when I feel the warmth of my daughter or son's hand in mine, and it is electrifying. It warms all the way to my soul.

It is in these moments that I know it's not just the picturesque moments that count. It's the hard fought moments too. The ones where our kids know we may not be perfect, but we are dang well trying to be all they ever needed.

For them and with them through it all.

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