Be strong. Protect the Weak. Love Everyone. ™


kristi hayesComment

Let’s talk social media...
You know on the other side of those shiny, sparkly pictures presenting life amazing and picture perfect, is probably a woman just like you. Who thrives at some of life, but who struggles with body image, and purpose in life, and being enough in the eyes of all her people, (family, employees, friends, volunteers, and the list goes on and on and on.) 

And on the outside you may see polished, or what looks like she has it all together, but in her insides she feels like she’s failing at the exact same thing you feel like you are failing at. 

PERSPECTIVE. It changes everything. When social media can make us feel like a failure because someone may be fitter, healthier, more successful, awesomer (not a word, but seemed appropriate), I guarantee they are struggling with the same feelings you are feeling. 

Social media can be a place of great encouragement but also can be a place of comparing and judgement, which serves no one. 

Let’s make it a place where we affirm, celebrate, and encourage. Where we show up for one another. Where we leave criticism of ourself or others at the door. Instead of comparing we cheer. We look at our journey as ours and theirs as their own. Knowing our purpose is just as great but may look different. We come along side someone and tell them the way they feel like they are failing, is not what we see at all. We see a woman who is trying her best and thriving in her journey. 

Y’all sometimes we just have to tell people how we see them, so they can see how God sees them. 

Tell 3️⃣people what you see in them. 
✅If you see someone parenting well, tell them, cause I guarantee they don’t feel awesome at it. 
✅ if you see someone being kind to someone. Tell them it inspires them. 
✅call a friend and name off the things you see them trying their hardest at. 

Let’s be cheerleaders for one another. Let’s be their eyes when they can’t see themselves.