Be strong. Protect the Weak. Love Everyone. ™


kristi hayesComment
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The Florida Shooting rocked me last week, as it should all of us. I am so sad for the families who have lost their babies and loved ones. It’s something so awful and incomprehensible. 

But my heart also is so broken for this kid who thought it was ok to take the lives of his fellow classmates. Why? What on earth would cause someone to snap like this?

I don’t know why anyone would do something so horrible. It’s unfathomable. It angers me, but it also breaks me for the kid who ruined all these lives, their dreams, their legacy. 
Somewhere, whether it be mental illness, rage, anger, loneliness, something broke him. 

The word advocate keeps coming to my mind. And how just one person, one advocate, one extra, who spots someone hurting and step-ups beside them could maybe make a difference. I don’t know if it would have here. I don’t know what his life was like. 

But I’ve seen just one, change another’s world just by entering in when their life seems unbearable, not worth living. The one steps in, sees this hurt, enters in, and changes everything. 

This is why I tell my kids EYES WIDE, LIGHTS SHINE. Every single day!

Eyes wide to the kids pain who may not show it but whose hearts are literally breaking inside. 

I believe we have to train ourselves to see this kind of pain, we have to look for it, like really look for it, we have to ask God to give us his eyes. The ones that see ALL the turmoil and sadness, and then I believe we have to act. We have to saddle up beside those who are hurting, be their advocate even when it is super uncomfortable and when it takes sacrifice. . 

It just takes one. One person who advocates for the life of another. 

Let’s be people (speaking to myself) who are not so busy with life that we miss the ones hurting. That we might actually pursue those who are broken, damaged, who seem to far gone. 

 Let us be the one.

Eyes Wide, Light Shine.