Be strong. Protect the Weak. Love Everyone. ™


kristi hayes2 Comments

We are focusing on our tag line "LOVE EVERYONE." If you missed our Facebook live you can watch on replay. I tag team with my friend and Chef Gwen Klebba, about how we can love ourselves well, which in turn help us fill our tanks, so we can pour all that goodness on others.  You can watch here. 

Sometimes we are so depleted at the end of the day taking care of everyone else, that we don't make time to take care of us. And in the long run it causes burn out, and causes us not to love others well around us. I know you have heard it a million times, but loving ourselves well, helps us love others well. If we have a negative look at ourselves it is easier to carry that same attitude onto others. 

Here are a few ways we love ourselves so we can prep to LOVE EVERYONE.

1. SPEND TIME IN THE MORNING BY YOURSELF. I pray, read, meditate, drink a big cup of coffee and hot water with lemon. I sit with my cat on my lap, light a candle and spend the morning quietly.

2. EXERCISE. I can't say this enough. As a former trainer I know what exercise does to our bodies but also our hearts and minds. Besides all the amazing health benefits, living longer, less risk of disease, mentally and emotionally it can truly save us. When we know that we are doing all we can to take care of ourselves, it gives us confidence. It doesn't mean our bodies change over night, but it helps us EMBRACE the beautiful bodies we have. 

3. FEED YOUR BODY WITH GOOD THINGS- So I know it's important to eat healthy, but planning and prepping DOES NOT come naturally to me. I asked a friend to help, and this is what we go over in our FB LIVE. We went to Costco, and then washed, and cut veggies, browned and grilled meats, and made bags for lunches and dinners all week. I am loving myself by putting good things in my and my family's body. 

4. DO SOMETHING YOU LOVE EACH WEEK. Something that feeds your soul. Read a good book, paint, write, hiking, watching a good movie. Whatever it is, do it, make time for it. It will replenish you. I like to have one day a week, I stay in my joggers all day, read the paper, read books, cuddle with my kids while we watch football. A NOTHING DAY.

5. ACCEPT YOURSELF AND GIVE YOURSELF GRACE. Stop attacking your looks, your quirks. Embrace those babies. Many of you have literally birthed babies, and your body might look different, embrace that your body did something miraculous. Get rid of the social or magazines that tell you different or make you feel less than. Stop following those who make you feel like you have to be perfect. Set up sticky notes on your mirror to help you remember you are a masterpiece. Remind yourself daily and remind someone else they are too. 


We would love to hear some ways you LOVE YOURSELF WELL. Because when we remember we are God's masterpiece and we truly live that out, we will view others as God's masterpiece and extend that same grace and love to them.