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kristi hayesComment

As parents I think one of our greatest teachers are our children. The things they feel so purely, the way they express their raw emotion without filter or cynicism. The way they view the world and experiences with fresh eyes. Eyes that haven’t been clouded by perceptions or cares of the world around them.

Yesterday we took our family to Disney. We had a great time experiencing the beautiful sites of the safari, and the breathtaking views of pretend worlds, that looked magical and real. We also had experiences with new thrilling rides. And on one of these rides Carter Mae, our 5 year old daughter had some profound words to say.

Carter Mae was just able to get on one of the roller coasters in Animal Kingdom, it would be her second roller coaster ever, but her first big one. As we were waiting in line, I could tell she had a nervous energy that was permeating her being. She was hopping from foot to foot, and then she said:

“I am HAPPY, but I am actually SCARED.”

And she repeated it a couple of times in Carter Mae fashion. She was so excited to be doing something new and exciting, but she was nervous of the outcome and of the ride itself.

When she said this I felt her from the bottom of my heart. In life so many times, the things that make us HAPPY are the things that SCARE us the MOST.

And sometimes we miss out on the HAPPY, because we let the being scared part prevent us from trying. We sacrifice the happy for comfort, security, not failing.

I don’t want to live like that. I want to take Carter Mae’s motto. She conquered that roller coaster that day with lots of mixed emotions, but she did it and she was better for it.

When we conquer all those competing voices going on in our head, we will be better for it too.

What are things that make you so happy, but so scared?