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Top 7 in 2017

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TOP 7 THINGS in 2017

We can’t thank you enough for your incredible support and love this past year. Thank you for helping us live out our mission of


We were able to go from lunch box note>>>Family Mission>>>>Company Mission.

TOP 7 in 2017

1. Launched our own website.(

2. Gave back profits to organizations who live out our mission like:

All among us (giving dignity to the homeless)

Heart for Lebanon (Care for Syrian and Iraqi refugees) 

Sox Place (Day Shelter for Homeless youth) 

3. Use local screen printer who employs homeless.(SOX PLACE SCREEN PRINTING)

4. Empowered 2 men coming out of homelessness to make our home goods

5. New jewelry line with Branded Collective who employ those who have been sex trafficked.

6. Because of you we doubled our sales each launch, which means we get to give away more.

7. See lots of families and kiddos wearing and living out the bestrong story message.


Thank you for journeying with us and living out the BE STRONG, PROTECT THE WEAK, LOVE EVERYONE message. We can't wait for 2018

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