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Twinkle lights, the more the brighter...

kristi hayesComment

I love these twinkle lights✨✨✨I love coming down in the morning and seeing them sparkle in the darkness. The more of them together the more they shine. It reminds me just how good we are together. When we have each other’s backs, cheer each other to success, celebrate 🎉 others goals and suffer with those who are lonely or beat up. 

I was reminded yesterday as I voxered two friends of a goal I had for our business. I was shy on my goal. Immediately the friend got on my website and helped surpass the goal, then she shared with us one of her goals, and immediately we got on her business site and did the same. In a matter of MINUTES. What was important to me was important to them. I have friends who share, host,  brainstorm, and take pictures and get giddy when I break a goal. And I am reminded how shiny and bright those people make me feel. How special I feel when people really care, and how it makes me feel the same when I really celebrate someone else. It’s like a complete set of these shiny twinkle lights✨✨one light shining for another and so on. Everyday I tell my kids LET their LIGHT SHINE, that may mean looking out for someone at lunch, or writing a note to a friend (sis does this weekly, that just says I love you). When is the last time you have written a note to a friend that just says, “I love you?” When is the last time you received a note that said those simple phrases, or “I am for you, or I have your back, or we will get through this together.” We all need the twinkle lights and we all need to be one for someone else. 

It’s a reminder to myself, “who can I shine bright for today?” Because when their are many twinkle lights, there is a hint of magic to all those who need to see the light.