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Heart for Lebanon (GIVE BACK TODAY)

kristi hayesComment

 2 summers ago I traveled to Beirut, Lebanon to visit an organization called Heart for Lebanon. Heart for Lebanon is a NGO, that provides care for Syrian and Iraqi refugees. They care for thousands of families who have been torn from their homes and made to flee for fear of death.

I sat in small living rooms that housed entire families as they told us their story of fleeing their home. We heard stories of mothers, who literally dragged their daughters out into the streets, running from ISIS, as their husbands disappeared while trying to get a car to get away. I sat and cried in living rooms of mothers who told me about how their daugthers had nightmares every night. How they had trouble getting jobs in a new country, and how they feared for their future as they waited for other countries to take them in.

I also saw hope in their eyes through such devesastation. They had been through some of the worst pain and suffering we could ever imagine, yet becaue of Heart for Lebanon coming alongside of them and caring for them, they were going to get through. The human spirit is amazingly resilliant.

I met teachers from Heart for Lebanon who were providing these refugee children with education and a safe place to be children. These teachers were dealing with traumatized children who drew pictures of death and destruction, blood, and war, when they should be drawing pictures of playgrounds and rainbows


It was amazing to see children thriving amidst the torment their little minds had seen. These Heart for Lebanon teachers were showing them love, care, the power of learning.


Meeting with the teachers, families, founders of Heart for Lebanon, forever changed me. It showed me what a dedicated group of people who love others well can accomplish. How they can slowly start to piece back the human heart with the love of Jesus flowing through them. It is a miraculous thing to witnesss.


We want to thank them today. So for every sale TODAY, 50% of our profit will go to Heart for Lebanon and the amazing work they are doing in the lives of refugees.


We are better together.