Be strong. Protect the Weak. Love Everyone. ™


kristi hayesComment

A friend emailed me this about our be strong story bracelet.

She said:

"Yesterday as we were all feeling the rawness of the tragedy in Las Vegas, my first grader found a Be Strong bracelet on the playground. She saw that it was ripped and asked her teacher to help her mend it with a staple or two. Then she brought it home (assuming it was mine) and presented it to me and said,

"I fixed it for you mama, now you can be strong again." Kind of broke my heart all over again. It's like my kiddo helping me heal, helping me feel not feel broken." 

When my friend sent me this, it just gave me chills. I thought how simple, and yet, how very powerful. Kids are in tune to our feelings, their eyes are wide open to others pain. Don't we all just need to take a cue from this little 6-year-old girl. 

Sometimes we just need a little mending, everyone one of us has heart break, and broken dreams,disappointments, and tragedies that come unexpectedly. Things that can break us from the inside out. Many of us need mending right now, and some of us have the ability to mend.


The mending doesn't need to be fancy or perfect. Just simple and heart felt. Let's all help be the menders like this 6-year-old was today.