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How to wear a hat.....seems simple enough.

kristi hayesComment

Seems simple enough. Just put a hat on your head. But when you have a really small head like mine, it's harder than it looks. And how do you wear hats and still look put together and not like you just got straight out of bed? Which is what usually happens when I wear a cap. (Do as I say, not as I do). 

1. Don't be afraid to style your hair and put on a ball cap after...i know that sounds counterproductive, but pulling your hair out around your ears, so your ears aren't sticking out has been a game changer for this small head of mine....before I could only wear kids hats. Some of us aren't blessed with those amazing locks like our model Laura. Now I get to fake it by putting the hat over my ears and hair covering it. 


2. Dress it don't need to wear a hat with sweats. Wear it with jewelry, cute bestrong tank with some fun earrings and scarf. Don't be afraid to go out of the box. 


3. Pony it up....Try a side ponytail, instead of putting your ponytail through the hat loop in the back, swing the ponytail to the side. 


And lastly, add your own spunk and personality. Fun and smiles can pull ANYTHING off!

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