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Hey ya’ll, every now and then we are going to be dropping little quick “be. love tips” on our podcast. Little shorts about loving others well. A 5-10 minute quick recording.

 It could be a story of someone we know who inspired us to act, something we did as a family that touched us, but just little “be love quick tips,” that might help all of us throughout the day. 

Simple things that may make us open our hearts and spread a little love in our busy days. Because I know I need a good reminder every single day that my purpose is to love this world well. 

We believe serving with your family can be one of the greatest things you can do together. 

On today’s BE. LOVE QUICK TIP I talk about what that looks like, how you can start, and how loving others together can be one of the most memorable things you can do. 

Teaching our kids to love and serve at a young age, helps them keep these habits as they grow older and even have their own family. 

We would love to know your ideas and ways that you serve with your family. 

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Here’s this week’s featured review: Thank you Basketbeast!

 “Who welcomes a 17 minute traffic delay?I did while listening to this podcast in heavy Chicago traffic with ANOTHER delay! I was seriously happy because that meant I could finish the episode before getting to my client's office. The notebook next to me got filled with pages and pages of ideas while tortoising through the city .Kristi connects me with so many unique yet kindred spirits that inspire me to love others well. She is a gift. If you are stuck or need to get your head in a good space, let her be that voice in your head! She will help you live better.”