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#31: Zionna Hansen: Being and Advocate for Others

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Most all of us know someone who has been impacted by cancer.  It is a disease that has no prejudices, and can affect the young, old, poor, rich, men, or women. Today I am talking with Barbells for Boobs founder Zionna Hansen about what it means to advocate for those you love who have cancer.

Zionna started Barbells for Boobs out of a need to help her friend who had struggled with the healthcare system after she knew something was wrong, but couldn’t get a mammogram because of her age. She was later diagnosed with breast cancer.

Zionna has walked through her friend’s battle, as well as her sister’s battle with cancer. 

She has such a passion for helping others. For 10+years she led Barbells for Boobs and finds herself in this season of life starting a new chapter. 

Some things we talk about:

*What it looks like to change courses and start something new. 

*The difference between self-preserve vs quitting

*Do you think we can serve too much? 

*Can we intentionally manage burn out when we are going all in?

*How do we care for ourselves while we are caring so passionately about others? 

I can’t wait for you to meet Zionna. Her passion and love for others is contagious.
This was a quote from a friend of hers:

“You are the kind of person you meet and walk away forever changed, and forever better because of it. Your kindness, warmth, caring and honest sincerity shine through all that you do. People respond to your love and light because you are so generous with it. I will always be thankful the universe brought us together, and I have no doubt your future is full of many big and bright moments. So much love, sistah.”

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