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#29:" Be. Love quick tip:" Trying to Raise Confident Kids

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Hey ya’ll, every now and then we are going to be dropping little quick “be. love tips” on our podcast. Little shorts about loving others well. A 5-10 minute quick recording.

 It could be a story of someone we know that inspired us to act, something we did as a family that touched us, but just little “be love quick tips,” that might help all of us throughout the day. 

Simple things that may make us open our hearts and spread a little love in our busy days. Because I know I need a good reminder every single day that my purpose is to love this world well. 

Today’s QUICK TIP is brought to you about the award my daughter received at camp that gave me pause. It made me think about raising confident kids.

Confidence means knowing WHO you are and WHOSE you are. For our kids, to start knowing who they are and accepting who they are in the little years and keeping that truth as they grow older is exactly what I want them to put in their heart. But if they don’t see their mama exemplifying that, then my kiddos are not going to model it. 

I talk about how if we are wanting our kiddos to grow up to know they are worthy of love and confidence then we have to believe this about ourselves. This is such a hard thing to do, but we are never to old to start. 

Raising confident kids in this day and age is an intentional process and something we are ALL going to fail at more than once, and that’s ok.  I give a few ways of how we are trying to speak confidence over our kids, their character traits and how we are trying to model this no matter how hard it can be. 

I hope these little tips help you, and as always share your tips and tricks. You can find us on @bestrongstory on instagram and facebook, and if these little quick tips inspire you, please let us know, share with your friends, leave us a review. All these little things help us tremendously and helps this movement spread.  Let’s go love the world, you guys!

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