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#28: Liz Bohannon: Author, Founder and Co-CEO of Sseko Designs

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This week we have Liz Bohannan back on our podcast. She has become one of my favorites, you know those people you can just sit with over a cup of coffee for hours and it still not be enough time, that’s Liz.  She is kind and passionate, and cares about others, AND she just wrote one of my favorite leadership books of the year called Beginner’s Pluck: Build Your Life of Purpose and Impact Now. 

I would give this book to any person who wants to be a part of change in this world. She made me think of leadership in a totally different way, and gave me freedom to pursue something by just starting, not waiting for something to happen. 

You hear speaker after motivational speaker say, “find your passion,” but she says things like, “ create your passion, own your average, and dream small.”

Liz is passionate about others, and started an entire company, Sseko Designs, after her heart was broken wide open for women in Uganda who had a desire to go to University but couldn’t afford it. She turned their dreams into reality with a couple failed ideas and then landed with Sseko Designs which is celebrating its 10th year of providing women overseas and in the states, jobs and education. She is also a sought after speaker and storyteller. She is on the Forbes list of popular speakers. I can’t wait to share our conversation. You will have a smile on your face the entire time. 

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