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#25: Kristi Hayes Founder and CEO of Bestongstory and host of be. love podcast

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Today’s podcast is a little different. Many of you asked if we would have someone interview us and tell our story, so we said, “Sure”.  Today my friend Kari Sowers is interviewing me. We had such a fun interview, with some kids interrupting, snoring dogs and meowing kitty cats. We talked about how our company and podcast came about. How a little lunchbox note changed our families’ life, became our family mission, and inspired our company and podcast. We talk about my former jobs that had nothing to do with what I do now, think White House, and fitness trainer, but how they all have prepared me for what I do now. 

We talk about kids of course, and how we are trying to raise good, loving humans and not psychos. Time will only tell (sarcasm).  We hope you enjoy our interview. We love being your host, but it was fun having the tables turned. 

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