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#20 Lauren Carpenter: Co-Founder Branded Collective (Empowering survivors of sex trafficking)

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Today I interview Lauren Carpenter who is a breath of sweetness and compassion to others. Lauren is Co-founder of Branded Collective, a jewelry company that partners with those who are survivors of sex trafficking. Listen in as we dive into how each of us can use our talents, maybe the ones we didn’t even know we had, to help others. 

We talk about the power of encouraging one another and recognizing the gifts of others and telling them about it. 

Some other things she talks about:

  • Not being afraid to jump into something new, to use your skills in creative ways. 

  • The skills she learned along the way lent themselves to what she does now, but she needed someone to nudge her and encourage those.

  • When you actually know the story and know the person it changes you. 

  • Sometimes it just takes one person to call out our gifts and change the trajectory of our lives. 

  • Gratitude check-in

We talk about the signs of sex trafficking and how this happens right in our own neighborhoods. It’s not just a far away thing.  She tells of staying aware and keeping our eyes open to others, so we can notice when things may seem “off”. We dive into why it’s so important to research and come alongside those who are doing work in the trenches.There are many forms of sex trafficking and we talk about the signs and what to do when something feels “off”.

If you see a woman or child who doesn’t seem like they belong with who they are with: 

Call Human Trafficking hotline:

1 (888) 373-7888

Books and Websites:

Branded Collective:
Get their jewelry and impact a survivor of sex trafficking:

Half the sky:

BOOK: Half the Sky

End Slavery in Nashville Tennessee:

Connect with Lauren and Branded:

Instagram: Brandedcollective

Lauren Carpenter: laurenhcarp

Facebook: Branded Collective

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