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#19 Emma Hicks: Founder of Camp Cimb

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Emma Hicks is a 27 year old powerhouse who wears many hats: wife, mother of 3, entrepreneur, chef and baker (solely for her family ;), aunt, Rising Tide Society QC Tuesday's Together co-leader, antique picker, and 1st generation hobby farmer.

She is the host and founder of Camp Climb (a retreat for females with a creative business or looking to pursue a creative passion) and Iowa Gathering (highly curated, intimate vintage market; brought to life because of HGTV). Craving a disconnection from the online world, building ‘in real life’ relationships, creating experiences, and being a part of positive community, she bet on the fact others were hungry for it too. She acknowledged her gifts, talents, and expertise: planning/coordinating, bringing together communities, running a small business, and igniting powerful connections. After countless brain dumps and a few sketchpads later, she is climbing her mountain to make an impact.

Today Emma is teaching us how to build on behalf of others. How to leverage our gifts and talents to build beautiful things that can help  others too.

She teaches us about leveraging an open arms mentality to relationships, family and even business.

Emma is a breath of fresh air, someone who understands what it’s like to run a business, but also knows how to unplug an enjoy the simpler things in life. She balances both really well, which is so hard to do in the age of constant technology and social media.

Listen and be inspired to do what you are gifted at, stay present, and unplug so you can stay recharged to build your life on behalf of others.

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