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#17 Heather Boersma: Author, Speaker, Mama of 3

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Heather Boersma Episode 17

Searching for Worth and Significance

Our guest today is Heather Boersma, a speaker, author and life coach who loves to adventure with her husband Alex and their three kids Cohen, Claire and Byron. She has been speaking to teen girls and women for the past 12 years in Canada and the USA. She has  recently published her second book, Letters from a Big Sister, where she collaborated with other authors like Jamie Ivey, Jessica Honegger who was on our show and Jenna Kutcher, to share letters of advice they would write to their younger self.

Today we talk about what we would say to our younger self now. All the struggles we went through as teens and how sometimes those insecurities and struggles follow us into adulthood. We discuss the cycles that all of us deal with when it comes to how we find our worth and significance. How can we  remind ourselves daily that we are worthy and significant.

We talk about the difference between rest and striving. She gives us her red flags for when she needs rest and needs to stop striving. She teaches us ways to see our own red flags.

We talk about identity and what we are all searching for,  how we search for worth in all the wrong places.

Who am I?

Am I accepted?

Am I worthy?

She talks about her struggles with bullying and how those struggles inspired her to write a book for young girls, as well as living her life on behalf of others to know they are valuable and worthy.

Some quotes I loved:

“Leading with Vulnerability creates connection.”

“I am not moving forward unless it’s with TEAM.”

“You don’t have to work for love and significance, you can LIVE from love and value, just because God dreamt you up. Just because YOU are!”

It’s the difference between walking into a room and saying, “Here I am”, and instead staying,” There you are.”

“Who can I find today that I can bless and hear their story?”

“I focus on finding others who need someone to listen.”

“Live from LOVE and not FOR love.”

“You actually have to love yourself in order to love others.”

We also talk about online time for teens and adults. We talk about safeguards you can create as parents for your child as they start to engage on social media.

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Get Heather’s book: Letters from a Big Sister

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