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#15 Rian Smoak: IRONMAN triathlete Founder of Tri DAT

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Today I am interviewing Rian Smoak. Rian is a Triathlete and has competed in multiple marathons and triathlons, including the Ironman Championships in Hawaii, which is the Mecca of all Ironmans. After Rian crossed the finish line in Kona he knew he needed to provide an opportunity for someone else to have that feeling, who maybe couldn’t finish on their own. This started the partnership with his teammate Bryce. Bryce has Cerebral Palsy and is in a wheelchair. CP makes him unable to walk or use his legs. Through an incredible friendship they are taking the triathlon world by storm. Rian is giving Bryce the opportunity to cross finish lines. Rian and Bryce have competed in multiple races together. This consists of Rian pulling Bryce in a boat on the swim portion, pulling Bryce behind his bike, and pushing him in a race stroller on the run.

This Saturday they will be tackling a FULL Ironman at IM BOULDER.

You will be so inspired to hear Rian talk about why he knew he had to use his passion for racing to help someone else, how he changed his attitude when it comes to competition. How a friendship formed between two very different but similar men, and how Bryce is teaching us all to be grateful, inspired, and being present is what life is all about it.

We also talk about how we can treat others with special needs, and how Bryce can teach us to treat everyone with kindness and respect even if they may seem different.

Connect with Rian and Bryce:

Instagram: tridat365

Facebook: Rian Smoak

Follow them at Ironman Boulder this weekend!

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