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#14 Michelle McKinney: Founder of Dreams Unleashed, Life Coach

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Michelle McKinney is our guest today and she brings the FIRE and inspiration to know what our purpose is and live in it. She helps women design, define and bring their God-given dreams to life. She believes that every woman can fulfill her God-given purpose, and she is on a mission to help them get there. That’s why she started her company,  Dreams Unleashed, to help others pursue their dreams.

My favorite piece of advice is when she says, “Our dreams are never about ME, they’re always about others”.

When we live into our gifts and purpose we are making others better and serving others.

She talks about advocating for ourselves which in turn helps us advocate for others.

If you are squelched in your dreams or don’t know what your purpose is, this is the podcast for you. And if you know your purpose this podcast will inspire you to stick with it.

Michelle gives us some tangible ways to know our gifts and steps to live into them.

She is literally coaching us through this podcast and you can use many of the tips she talks about RIGHT NOW.


@bestrongstory instagram to see how you can get a 45 minute Free coaching call with Michelle.

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Coaching with Michelle McKinney

Dreams Unleashed- get your coaching now



Books we reference:

Good to Great by Jim Collins

Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren