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#12 Jennifer Peters: Founder of JUST BE Kitchen

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Jennifer accidentally became a restaurant owner when she was researching for a school project. It was something she loved and realized that she could create a space that was nourishing for others bellies, but also for their soul.

She has created JUST BE KITCHEN, a place for overall wellness for body and soul. Just BE Kitchen is a 100% gluten, grain, & refined sugar free fast-casual committed to nourishing guests with PALEO, Whole30, KETO & AIP friendly comfort food!

Jennifer talks about her self-discovery and turning her pain into passion which helped her create a space for others to connect belong. It is much more than a place to get great food.

From her past and fear of abandonment, she teaches us how to turn our pain into passion and how to bring our vulnerable selves out into the world.

I know so many of you will resonate with her stories of a place of self-love and self-discovery. She talks about nourishing our whole self by learning to love ourselves first because we were all made for connection.

This episode is about putting yourself out into the world, learning about nourishing your whole self, and using your pain to fuel passion and well-being in others.


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Some quotes we loved:

  • When you are in a place of self-discovery, when you are healing wounds from the past, all these others parts of wellness you can’t unknow, because you start to learn other ways to take care of yourself, and know better ways of worthiness.

  • It really starts from a place of self-love and self-discovery. You can't undo what you learn on that journey.

  • I had to put a piece of who I am out there.

  • The minute you put something that is a part of you out into the world it is a vulnerable feeling.

  • I wanted to create a place of belonging and connection a place that people could come and be mindful. She got resistance on all of this, but she kept her mission of making people feel comfortable and the overall well being of her customer at the heart of things.

  • Every person is made for connection.

  • My goal is to have them feeling really nourished, satisfied, and cared for.

  • There has always been this thing about eating healthy about lack and stripping back. But being well nourished is not just about lack or sacrificing good food. They wanted to create a menu that was nourishing to your tastebuds as well as healthy for your body.

  • When I am taking care of myself I feel better, and I take care of others better too.

  • I wanted to create a space that I felt inspired.


We talk about how to nourish our whole self, where do we start?

24:00 When we heal wound from the past and come to place of self-discovery we can’t unlearn things along the way.

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