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#09 Cathryn Shaw: Founder and Director ALL AMONG US

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Today’s podcast is with my sweet friend Cathryn Shaw. It started with one homeless couple, and keeping her eyes open to others. She started asking what they needed after trial and error and started to become part of the homeless story.

She has became and advocate for the homeless, but now has created true kinship with the homeless.  She is founder and director of ALL AMONG US. THE MISSION OF ALL AMONG US IS TO PROVIDE OPPORTUNITIES FOR INDIVIDUALS WITH A DESIRE TO TRANSITION FROM GENERATIONAL POVERTY TOWARD SELF-SUFFICIENCY.

She shares her heart for the homeless and how we all can provide dignity to others. She shares her unlikely path to founding an organization called ALL AMONG US and Women’s Care Center.

This is such a powerful conversation of the power of one person. Finding your one person to come alongside and build relationship with. Make sure and listen to end when she talks about the 10% it is so important

Connect with ALL AMONG US:


Instagram: allamongusinc


BOOK she references: When Helping Hurts: How to Alleviate Poverty without Hurting the Poor: by Steve Corbett and Brian Fikkert

Some key takeaways:

Find your one person.

Someone in poverty’s 10% will likely be different than yours.

The things people were asking for were so simple.

The power of one person

I was at first an advocate but became a friend.

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