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#04 Megan Tamte: Co-founder and Co-CEO of Evereve

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“Tiny Behaviors that can change a life.”

Today I talk with Megan Tamte who is the founder and Co-CEO of Evereve a fashion brand she created because of a disastrous trip to the mall soon after having her baby. So she created a place for mothers to feel beautiful and special. Evereve’s tag line is “with heart,” we talk about how loving others is the most important part of their business. They hire people who love fashion but who love people more!

We take leadership lessons and the “tiny behaviors” they teach their employees, and how we can train this behavior in our own life and pass on to our children. They are ways we can see people the way they need to be seen. Simple behaviors like remembering a name or looking someone in the eyes and being genuinely concerned for others.

She talks about teaching her kids about empathy, how they can think beyond themselves, and see others as masterpieces. She has some amazing nuggets for parents about showing her kids that they are loved no matter what they do, or what they achieve. Instead of celebrating the accomplishments of her kids, she just celebrates who they are.

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