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#03 Liz Bohannon: Founder of Sseko Designs

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Liz Bohannon is our guest this week on Be Love podcast. Liz is the founder and CEO of Sseko designs. An ethical fashion company using fashion to create opportunity & community for women globally.

We laugh a lot and tell our funny breast feeding stories. We know you moms, can relate! Those loud machines ya’ll!

The core of our conversation is about how to love others well by creating an open heart and learning how to look at everyone as beautiful creations. She talks alot about curiousity and how being intentional to see others as teachers in her life has helped change her views on having to always be right.

We talked about how loving others is keeping an open heart when others think differently than us. She talks about practicing everyday to listen and have an open heart to others, which is not something that comes natural to her. She gives us some incredible advice on this (starts at 13:10). We discuss how we are both giver and receivers, creating kinship with others.

She talks about how to have dignified and uplifting conversations with others who think differently than us. (19:51)

She talks about how commitment is her love language and helping these girls go to University in Uganda was not an option NOT TO DO! (30:00)

The last question about how she has experienced a small act of kindness and love is powerful. (35:00)

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Barking to the Choir: Father Gregory Boyle

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