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#02 Jessica Honegger

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Today I talk with Noonday Founder and CEO Jessica Honegger.

She is so fun and funny to talk with. We talk about how she is courageously accepting herself and in turn that helps her celebrate others well. Celebrating our own flaws and loving our whole selves helps us have freedom to love others well.  

We laugh a lot, but there are so many nuggets of truth about loving ourselves with authenticity so we love others well.

We talk about rest and hustle, and she tells a great story of loving others intentionally when we may feel insecure ourselves. We talk about staying in the uncomfortable and being vulnerable.

She gives us some practical steps to accept ourselves and others.

Jessica has written a book all about this called Imperfect Courage which is one of my favorite books of the year.

“Leadership is about creating space for other people to step in and lead, and about doing less as a leader and entrusting others to do those things.”

“I really tried to own the gifts that I have.”

“I am choosing to focus on what I have been given and what I have, and when my attention is on that, it is completely changing the energy I have and what I am bringing to people. I feel like I am showing up for my life.”

“We don’t arrive at a place of joyfully celebrating others without intentionality.”

“To be authentic in celebrating others, I had to believe in the places in me that are worth celebrating.”

“It’s a lot easier to celebrate others when you can celebrate what you have to give and what you have to give matters, then you can run in your lane, and be in awe of people that run in their lane.”

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